Our huck towels and Surgical Towels are a lint free, durable & absorbent towel. Perfect towel for wiping & Cleaning. GUARANTEED NEW!!
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Color White
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American Terry Mills Blue Cotton Huck Towels are constructed from 100% cotton. Ideal for cleaning or hand drying. The towels are strong and durable, and can be used wet or dry.Excellent for windshields, windows, rear view and side view mirrors. Reusable and long lasting - no more paper towel waste. Colorfast towels are highly absorbent. Removes dust, dirt, smudges, grease, fingerprints, smoke residue and grime. Blue color allows you color code for specific tasks and is less likely to show stains after washing.


100% Cotton. 

Highly Absorbent and Durable. 

Ideal For Cleaning Glass Window and Mirror. 

Each Towel measures 15" x 24" inches in size. 


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